Some of our most frequently asked questions:

    • Q. How do I get a library card?
      A. Cards are available to any Texas resident over the age of 18 with valid photo ID which must show a current home address (drivers license, state ID, Matricula Consular card, passport, etc.). You may also bring in documentation such as a lease or utility bill for secondary address verification. Parents can obtain a card for minor children under the age of 18.
    • Q. Do you have internet access?
      A. Yes. There are several computer areas with over 30 computers. If you wish to print, black and white prints cost $0.15 and color prints cost $0.50. We also have public access Wi-Fi so you can connect with your own device.
    • Q. Do you have a fax?
      A. Yes, you can send and receive faxes. Costs for outgoing and incoming faxes are $0.50 per page, both local and long distance.
    • Q. Do you have tax forms?
      A. We do not have tax forms at this time, but they may be downloaded from IRS.Gov.
    • Q. How do I renew items? A. You can renew items in person or by calling (214)975-0430, or through the electronic catalog. To renew through the catalog, you will need your PIN/Password- please contact library staff to obtain this.
    • Q. What if the item I want is checked out?
      A. If an item is checked out you may place a hold to reserve that item. Contact a staff member in person or via telephone to place your name on the item's hold list, or use your library card number and PIN to place an item on hold via our online catalog.
    • Q. Does the library accept donations?
      A. Currently the library is accepting donations that are in good/like new condition. Current or recent best sellers, CDs, or DVDs may be added to our collection, but donated items become the property of Little Elm Public Library and we reserve the right to handle as is appropriate.
    • Q. Where can I get more details about library cards, hold, renewals, and donations?
      A. For more details about library cards, holds, renewals, or donations call us at 214-975-0430.
    • Q. How do I get a PIN or password?
      A. A PIN/Password must be obtained from library staff. Just bring in your card or ID for verification and library staff will issue your PIN. You may also call with your library card number and other vital information to retrieve your PIN/Password over the phone.




Overdue Materials


·         Any members with overdue items will not be able to check out additional library materials or use library computer services until the items are returned.


·         Any members with items that are overdue by 6 months will be billed for the cost of replacing the item.


·         There will be no refunds for lost items that are found after restitution is made.


·         Members will be held financially responsible for lost or damaged materials check out on their cards.


·         There are no fines for materials returned late without damage- even after the 6 month period.


Food and Drink


·         Little Elm Public Library does not prohibit food and drink consumption within the library.


·         The library does, however, reserve the right to ask an individual to stop food and beverage consumption in the library if the individual is unable to eat and drink without creating a mess. This is subject to the discretion of library staff.


·         Library members will be held responsible for damage caused by their improper food and beverage consumption.


·         Consumption of Alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the library, with the exception of library sponsored events.


Inter-Library Loans


·         The library offers inter-library loan service to its members in an effort to offer a selection beyond LEPL holdings.


·         Any fees charged by the lending institutions are the responsibility of the borrower.


·         Loss of inter-library loan privileges may result if:
1) Two Inter-Library Loans are Returned Overdue
2) Two Inter-Library Loans are ordered and are not picked up upon arrival.

Member Privacy


·         Library members' personal information and privacy is highly valued by Little Elm Public Library. As such, confidential member information will not be shared by library staff with anyone without consent. 


·         To the same end, a member must have a valid photo ID or their library card to check out materials or use their library computer services account. This is for patron privacy and security.

Lost or Stolen Card


·         Once a card is reported lost or stolen by the cardholder to LEPL staff the card is immediately invalidated.


·         Replacement cards are available upon presentation of valid photo ID. 


·         LEPL does NOT check ID against the library member signature at checkout.


·         Members are held responsible for materials checked out on their card prior to the library being notified of the theft/loss of the card.


Unattended Children


·         Little Elm Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on the Library premises. The Library staff is not authorized to act in place of parents. Staff members are responsible for assisting all Library customers and cannot adequately monitor unattended children.


·         Children under the age of 12 years old are required to be accompanied by a designated guardian of at least 16 years of age.


·         To promote a safe environment for children, the library expects parents, or appropriate guardians, to stay with the children in their care while in the library.


·         Library staff will make attempts to contact a parent or responsible guardian for any unattended child or child in distress.


·         When a child is discovered to be unattended and a parent or appropriate guardian cannot be located or contacted, the library may place the unattended child in the care of the Little Elm Police Department.


·         If library staff observed suspected abuse or neglect on the part of a parent or responsible caregiver, they may contact the police, social services, or another agency about a child in danger at the library.


·         The library is not responsible for children left without transportation after operating hours.  These children will not be allowed to wait inside the building and staff may place them in the care of the Little Elm Police Department.


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